Tips for Attracting Retaining and Motivating Employees


1. Pay employees pretty and well, and then get them to forget about money.


2. Cure each and every worker with regard. Show them that you care about them as individuals, not just as employees.


3. Compliment achievements...and attempts:

• Both small and big
• Verbally and in writing
• At least 4 times more than you "criticize"
• Promptly (as soon as observed)
• Publicly … and in individual
• Sincerely


4. Clearly connect objectives, obligations and objectives. NEVER criticize in public - divert in individual.


5. Identify performance properly and consistently:

• Reward excellent performance (e.g., with special offers and opportunities)
• Do not accept continual poor performance - trainer & train or remove!


6. Include employees in plans and choices, especially those that impact them. Obtain their ideas and views. Motivate effort.


7. Make possibilities for employees to learn & grow. Link the objectives of the company with the objectives of each individual in it.


8. Definitely pay attention to employee’s issues - both work-related and individual.


9. Share information - quickly, freely and clearly. Tell the truth … with sympathy.


10. Enjoy achievements and objectives achieved - business and individual. Make a business lifestyle that is open, relying on and fun.


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