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Selecting a profession after 12th is always a complicated process for learners as well as parents. There is a need of details for those who are going to begin their career. After finishing the board examination most of the students are concerned to select a better career option for securing their future. Most of them are looking for best course which guarantee job positioning without any delay.

It is very essential to select a right course especially after 12th because it is the stepping-stone of your future. The profession course you select after the completing your Twelfth chooses what and where you are going to be in your future.

Many learners not able to choose or they do not have the appropriate assistance on which course to select or which course is appropriate for them. Because of this they end up with selecting any course which they repent after doing. So selecting a right profession course after Twelfth is very essential.

So to select a right course, one should be conscious of the different programs available and also what is all about. Furthermore there are different concerns a student should obvious before selecting any particular flow or course. For this, students can also go for profession assistance but for now you can see the record of programs after Twelfth in different sources – Art / Commerce / Science.

We have released this web page to details our younger generation to select right profession choice.



B.Tech Information Technology

B.Tech Computer Science & Engg 
B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering
B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
B.Tech Aero Space Engineering 
B.Tech Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
B.Tech Marine Engineering
B.Tech Automobile Engineering
B.Tech Bio-technology
B.Tech Chemical Engg. 
B.Tech Civil Engineering
B.Tech Dairy Technology 
B.Tech Electrical Engineering
B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering
B.Tech Food Tech.
B.Tech (H) in Aerospace Engineering 
B.Tech Textile Manufactures
B.Tech Bioinformatics 
B.Tech Electronics and Telecom
B.Tech Industrial Bio-Technology 
B.Tech.(H) in Agricultural and Food Engineering 
B.Tech.(H) in Chemical Engineering



BE Chemical Engineering 
BE Electronics & Tele Communication Engg 
BE Fire Tech & Safety Engineering 
BE Civil Engg BE Computer Sc. & Engg.
BE Electrical & Electronics



B. Architecture



B.Sc Biotech 
B.Sc IT 
B.Sc Computer 
B.Sc Electronics 
B.Sc Chemistry 
B.Sc. Mathematics hons 
B.Sc. Jewellery Design 
B.Sc. Mass Communication, Journalism & Advertising 
B.Sc Degree in Fashion, Interior and Textile Design 
B.Sc. Electronics Media 
B.Sc. Microbiology 
B.Sc. Life Sciences 
B.Sc. Multimedia & Animation 
B.Sc. Interior Design 
B.Sc. Aquaculture 
B.Sc. Nutrition & food Tech
B.Sc. Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Tourism
B.Sc. Nursing 
B.Sc. Medical Laboratory Technology
B.Sc. Applied Physical Science
B.Sc. Bio chemistry 
B.Sc. Bio Technology 
B.Sc. Agriculture 
B.Sc. Plant Biology & Plant Biotechnology 
B.Sc. Physiotherapy 
B.Sc. Medical Technology



B.A. English
B.A. Hons English 
B.A. Hons in Sociology
B.A. Psychology 
B.A. Hons Economics 
B.A. Tourism 
B.A. Journalism 
B.A. Apparel Design & Merchansidising
B.A. Media & Communication



B.Com Honours Corporate Secretaryship 
B.Com Cosmic Certified Accountant 
B.Com Foreign Trade 
B.Com Banking & Insurance 
B.Com Insurance 
B.Com Account & Finance 
B.Com Hos in ecommerce, Economics and Financial Accounting


Diploma Courses

Diploma in Financial Accounting
Diploma in Marketing
Diploma in 3D Animation & Visual Effects 
Diploma in Interior designing 
Diploma in Television & Broadcast Studies 
Diploma in Sound Engineering 
Diploma in Television & Broadcasting 
Diploma in Boradcast Journalism for Electronic Media 
Diploma in Radio Jockeying 
Diploma in VFX & Digital Film Making 
Diploma in Animation Film Making 
Diploma in Marketing 
Diploma in Event Managment and Promotion

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