Study in USA is mainly handled by the govt with funds also handled by the federal, local and state regulators. 

The American Knowledge system identifies the following levels:

Pre School
Elementary School
Middle School
High School
Post-secondary Education
Graduate Education

In the wide sense study in USA at the school stage can be categorized as:

Primary Education – Recognized by sessions which range from pre-school to the 5th Conventional.

Secondary Education - Recognized by sessions which range from the 6th to the 12 requirements.

These educational institutions are either public educational institutions that are run by the govt or private educational institutions that are financed independently. Schools in USA provide a variety of programs at the additional high school stages, for the learners to select from. Extra-curricular activities are also given highest significance as they are significant in the overall growth of the child. Besides the common programs, some of the educational institutions in USA are also fixed with features to provide advanced programs to the learners as well. Some of the most popular educational institutions in USA that you may pick are:

-              Brooklyn Technical, New York City
-              Hunter College High School, New York City
-              High Technology High, Lincroft 
-              Bronx Science, New York City
-              Bergen County Academics, Hackensack


At the post-Secondary stage of study in USA, a student has to sign-up him/ herself into any of the numerous colleges and universities across the various states in the US. Under graduating consists of 4 decades namely – Beginner, sophomore, Younger and Mature sessions. On the completing the 4 decades, a student generates a BA (Bachelor of Arts), BS (Bachelor of Science), BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) or a B Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) degree. Publish Graduate student Levels like MA, MBA, MS and M. Ed are gained on the completing the post graduate decades in the colleges and universities. Affiliate degrees are granted by the community Colleges in USA.


Study Abroad Colleges
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Top UK Universities
University of Oxford
University of Cambridge
University of Durham
Universities in Australia
University College London
University of St. Andrew's
University of Warwick
London School of Economics
University of Bristol
King's College London



Top USA Universities
Stanford University
Duke University
University of Chicago
Princeton University
California Institute of Technology
Yale University
University of Pennsylvania
Columbia University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cornell University


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